New website launch

Testing the waters

I’ve been in the process of reworking Mobtown Florals’ website for months now. Months. And months and months. I’ve experimented with various looks, styles, colors, fonts…you name it, and I have experimented with it. My goal in sorting through hundreds of options (really, it’s utterly insane what is available today!) was to create a site that, of course, reflects my company and a bit of who I am as its owner.

For some time, I’ve been thinking about converting the website to a blog format, so that there could be more cohesion between all of the “constantly hovering and expanding” social media by which I often feel a smidge smothered. (I’d like to think I’m not the only mother and business woman who feels this way about trying to run her small, growing business almost entirely single-handedly.) Although I could see the obvious benefits of a combined blog/website, I was hesitant, not only because time is precious, but also because I wrestled with the feeling that I had to write with a regularity that seemed unattainable for me. And quite frankly, I am not the type of person that posts constantly on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or (ack!) Twitter in my personal life. While I have many worthwhile opinions and useful knowledge to share, I suppose I am still adjusting to the reality of the depth of persistent chitchat that online sharing has become. And how this same persistency has blanketed the business world, as well.

So having said all of the above, after many late nights and much time creating multiple pages and parent pages, and uploading and assembling photos, and adding captions and credits (and ultimately learning a heck of a lot), I have decided to bite the bullet and test the waters in the land of blogging.


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