Timing is everything

It’s difficult to put into words how Megan & Phil’s wedding celebration impacted me. Megan contacted me to discuss her wedding and getting to know her was such a blessing. As we spoke, she mentioned including peacock feathers to incorporate teal into her color scheme. I remember looking at my wrist and my teal KT Loves bracelet around it, as she continued to speak.

For those that do not know, teal is the color symbol for ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancers. My cousin Katie lost her battle with cancer in late 2011 at the age of 29. And something in Megan’s voice told me that the teal in her wedding was representative of a loss. She then explained that her mother had died of ovarian cancer. I told her that as soon as she said “teal” I’d looked at my bracelet and the I briefly told her Katie’s story. We spoke for nearly 2 hours on the phone! Phil was in disbelief when he asked Megan who she’d been talking to for so long, and she said, “my florist.” Megan and I laughed so hard when she told me his response!

Strangers before that call, we’d made an unexpected connection. And little did I know that less than 2 weeks later, I’d be faced with changes in my life. The timing of that phone call was so great, that I can’t bring myself to characterize it as just a lucky, coincidence. “Teal sisters,” Megan called us. I think there’s no better term.

Dani Leigh Photography did an amazing job of capturing Megan & Phil’s incredible story. Their love could not be more evident. In addition, I was so touched by all of their wonderful guests, most of whom surprisingly knew me by name! Approached with open arms and countless hugs and “thank you for what you did for them”…how could I not feel fulfilled and happy and gratified…and reassured knowing that I’m doing just what I should be with my talents. ♥
Take a moment to read Dani’s touching account of Megan and Phil’s road to marriage, in which timing played a role, as well. You might be teary-eyed, but you won’t be sorry. :)

2 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. Aww!! I love this so much! These two are such incredible people – I just know their love is so much stronger than they even think it is. Could not have been more excited about their day and have the ability to work with you!!

  2. Both you and Dani are too good to me. I love you both so much! Timing IS everything and I am so happy I met you when I did. You are never getting rid of me…I hope you know that. I need to see you soon btw. <3 my teal sister!!! P.S. why do I think Katie and my mom are partying it up in heaven? :)

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