A splash of color, a dash of spice

Wedding gowns are available in a myriad of styles, created by countless designers, and are hanging on hangers just waiting to be purchased at an incredibly wide range of cost. As a wedding floral designer who regularly meets with brides, I encounter ladies whose amount of devoted gown searching time varies almost as much as each bride herself. There are those that manage to find the perfect gown after only a day of perusing bridal shops; those that spend months of hunting online, browsing in boutiques, and flipping thru pages of magazines before they stumble upon a fabulous gown; and then there’s the group that falls somewhere in between.

I think the most timely (and quite possibly the most enjoyable!) path to discovering the elusive “gown of your dreams” is to keep an open mind. Of course, this applies to life in general, as it’s very easy to miss opportunities when walking with blinders on, yes? Being open-minded is a trait that is more innate to some but is definitely not impossible to achieve.

In my opening statement describing the plethora of wedding gowns in this world, I purposely omitted color. A departure from the more traditional white or ivory wedding gown is certainly not for everyone. However, for brides that are receptive to this option, there are multitudes of gorgeous gowns that span the color spectrum. Not only are these brides more likely to find a gown sooner, they will surely add a most excellent measure of spice to their wedding day.

Lastly, gown hunting should NOT be a miserable endeavor. Frustration is sort of inevitable (just sayin’). But don’t forget to have fun along the way. And even if you’re not into the funky, plum-colored gown on display across the room…why not try it on?! Even if it’s just to add a little laughter into the gown searching conundrum, do it. I guarantee there will be no regrets. And who knows, maybe the experience will be so enlightening that some brides even change their opinions about going the traditional white or ivory gown route. A bit of color could be what adds a terrific splash of unexpected excitement to the wedding day.

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