Unintended consequences

Bridal consultations each hold an element of the “unknown” even if you think you have the majority of specifics down. Which caterer will be used? Who will supply the cake (or cupcakes or pies or mini-cakes or any combination of the above is more like it today!)? Which style and color of linens are going to be on the guest tables? Is the ceremony indoors or outdoors? What is the number of invited guests? What is the color scheme? Prior to meeting with brides or grooms, I typically have a pretty clear idea of what a couple is envisioning for their wedding day because I ask questions–many questions. I also ask brides to send me inspiration photos or pictures of decor that they are drawn to so that I have had an opportunity to see them prior to getting together. For any consultation, I do my absolute best to be prepared, positive, and productive; and while each bride may have a unique vision, the basic outline of discussion is quite similar. Recently, however, I experienced an element of surprise during a meeting that was so satisfying I just had to share.

The bride and I met and over chai lattes. Right off the bat we discovered that we had one thing in particular in common: bees. I have numerous tattoos, some of which include various bees. She noticed the large, most visible of my bee tattoos at the base of my neck/top of my back. I explained that family members have always called me “B,” a reference to the first letter of my name. Ironically, she told me, her fiance’s nickname happened to be “B.” We chuckled about the similarity. I showed her some of my other tattoos of bees. She showed me her necklace, a bracelet, and a copy book with bees on the cover with a honeycomb background. We hadn’t even mentioned the word “wedding” yet and already there was a connection.

We discussed all of her information in detail and chatted about interesting floral varieties within her color scheme. Her wedding is taking place at Baltimore’s AVAM, so it’s a perfect venue to be playful with the decor and to create a feeling of whimsy. Throughout the meeting, our conversation was slowly becoming interspersed with personal experiences. Topics such as our parents’ personalities, our siblings, college, children, life’s unusual timing, etc naturally played their way into our discussion, which contributed to a very relaxed and cheerful consultation. Both of us were equally thrilled with how things were coming together.

As our meeting was coming to a close, a gentleman that had been seated at a table next to us and had packed up his belongings to head out approached us. He said in a friendly voice, “Good luck with the wedding! It sounds awesome! It sounds like it’s going to be beautiful!” We smiled and thanked him, and he wished the bride well again, as he walked away. His comments left me with such a satisfying feeling. Of course, he’ll never know how consequential his words were. But to me, what he said was a clear indication that as an outsider he could hear the passion, the honesty, the genuine excitement, and the positive energy that was taking place at our table. And not only did I get a huge, thankful hug from the bride before leaving…I booked Mobtown Florals another wedding. :)

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